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Running Injuries

Running may be one of the most natural form of exercise we can chose. It actually should be part of our natural skills, which we develop from childhood. So why do we suffer of running injuries?

As we grow older we either forget how to run and decondition our body or we embrace it as part of our fitness regime or to improve our performance to highest levels.

We all have our individual set up of muscles and movement patterns,. So we have our own running style. But did anybody teach us how to run efficiently in order to avoid running injuries?

Below you will find common causes of running injuries . You may also recognise some of the conditions discussed and take advantage of our tips

Why do injuries happen?

  • Tissues such as muscles and tendons are continuously stressed and repaired on a daily basis, as a result of both ‘normal’ functional activities and sport
  • Overuse injury – a specific tissue fails to repair in the time available
  • Initial breakdown at microscopic level, which over time develops into a true injury

In the following pages you can find tips and information about the above mentioned common running injuries.

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