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Will help you equally well if you suffer of a neck or back problem or an inflamed Achilles’ tendon, if your joints need some help or you suffered a stroke or a whiplash Physiotherapy, similarly to chiropractic and osteopathy, aims to reduce pain and restrictions and to regain body symmetry, balance and function.

Physiotherapy treatments at swissphysio focus on helping you regain this balance, free you from pain and strains and improve your performance.

Physiotherapists at Swissphysio don’t treat uniquely sport injuries and problems of the extremities but have extensive experience in the treatment of neck and back problems, TMJ problems after dental work,  pregnancy related conditions and pelvic pain, next to all strain and sprains of muscles, Trenton’s and ligaments. We can also offer a unique expertise  helping people who suffered amputation of lower and upper limbs regaining as much function and mobility as possible.

After a thorough assessment and depending on your needs we will use different techniques to mobilise or manipulate joints, spine and organs, stretch and smooth muscles, strengthen and rejuvenate your back and neck, improve your posture and gait.

We analyze your technique at your sport, like your running style, your golf swing or tennis service. We can advise you on biomechanics, and how to assess your workstation and car seat. We will use Kinesio tape and state of the art equipment to complement our treatments and support a speedy recovery.

Scars, trauma, strains, repetitive activities, posture and work conditions, have a big influence on our movement patterns, the way our muscles work, the position of our joints, the tension on the nerves, the pressure on the discs and the mobility of the organs.

Imbalances can easily be created, causing joint and muscles overload and restricting a natural movement pattern. This chain of adaptations will result in pain and discomfort.

During our physiotherapy treatments we address the pain and restrictions. We want to eliminate where possible the cause of the problem and we will advise you how to make important changes and how to remain pain free and avoid relapses.

You as a whole are unique and are at the centre of our treatment. This approach guarantees a stable recovery and long lasting results.