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Amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists can work with you at and stage from pre-op to full independence, with or without your prosthetic. These services extend to the non-amputee prosthetics users and Swissphysio can help you get the most our of your prosthetic and yourself.

At Swissphysio we offer rehabilitation for amputees. We can help whether it’s arm, leg, pelvis, shoulder, single or multiple or a combination of them all. If you are pre-op or post-op or wearing a prosthetic for any other reason, our physiotherapists are able to help your recovery.

The vital ingredients to recovery are enjoyment and trust, our physiotherapy team helps you get back to a life you love.

Before the operation

  • Reduce chance of phantom pain post-op
  • Increase body awareness and strength to reduce recovery time

Immediately post operatively

  • The way you use lie in bed can impact your ability to recover and be fitted for a prosthetic
  • The longer your stump remains unused the greater the muscle wastage

First use

  • Your stump is still changing shape and it is important not to do too much or too little.

Functional activities

  • Learn independent living again
  • Life with and without the prosthetic
  • Using your wheelchair

Your prosthetic

  • Learn how to check your prosthetic still fits
  • Learn donning and doffing
  • Cleaning and care of the prosthetic and stump

Long time wearers

  • Are you getting the most out of the limb you have?
  • Caring for the rest of your body.

Non amputee prosthetic wearers

  • Full use of the prosthetic
  • Caring for the body
  • Balance and posture.

Give us a call today and learn what our physiotherapist can do for your situation.

Home visit

If it is difficult for you to come to Swissphysio, our physiotherapists can visit you at your home.