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Computerised Back Scan

Back Scan by spinalmouse Idiag M360- Professional Assessment for Back Treatment

A Back Scan analysis can help visualise a problem in the spine.

Every back is unique!

A professional assessment before, during and after each treatment is necessary to provide the basis for a suitable course of therapy.

Back Scan® is a revolutionary, computer-aided assessment tool to:

  • determine the spinal shape in the sagittal and frontal planes
  • determine the mobility of each individual spinal segment.

The Back Scan® checks:

  • alignment (posture)
  • range of motion (ROM)
  • performance and function

The Back Scan® measures:

  • fast and easily
  • has no contraindications
  • accurate and reliable

The Back Scan® helps to:

  • diagnose: find indications for malfunctions and spinal pathologies
  • follow up of pathology
  • follow up of treatment success
  • patient communication and education tool
  • health insurance
  • marketing tool – patient retention
  • screening tool (school, industry, science)
  • quality assurance of diagnose and therapy

5 reasons why Back Scan® should always be used in back treatment:

1. Easy, reliable and accurate measurement

The Back Scan® measuring head is guided along the spinal column, automatically adjusting itself to the contours of the back. The relevant clinical data is then wirelessly transferred to a personal computer or laptop.

2. Precise data on vertebral column geometry

Excellent reliability and high degree of validity of the data in comparison with X-ray images has been proven repeatedly in scientific tests. With Back Scan® any desired number of measurements can be tracked for each patient and changes during the course of treatment become apparent.

3. Transparent and simple patient information

Systematic measurement of the spinal column is a reflection of professionally administered therapy. Simple and easy to understand graphics provide a basis for informing the patient. Regularly repeated measurements underline the patient’s progress.

4. Professional documentation at the press of a button

All data is saved during the course of treatment which means that detailed documentation can be prepared at any time for colleagues, health insurance organisations and others. Any necessary therapy or treatment can therefore be clearly and objectively justified.

5. Exercises to supplement back training

Our therapist will compile a range of exercises specifically adapted for the individual patient for effective back training after the measurement data has been evaluated.

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