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Why pay for precious working hours when staff are not there?

Are you aware of how many hours your company loses as a cause of as a result from back pain and related disorders?

Swissphysio can help your company to save money by helping organising your working space, preventing injuries and getting your employees back to fitness, wellbeing and… more productivity.

Experienced chartered senior physiotherapists will bring their equipment to your site and assess and treat the needs of your employees in relation to their work stations. In this way loss of work time is minimised, problems are treated at an early stage and potential absence is avoided. We can also help with reintegration into the workplace after sick leave.

If an adequate room is not available we are happy to see clients on a priority basis, within 24 hours at our clinic.

Pain free at work

A slide presentation that highlights the causes of work related pain underlying specific aspects relevant to your company. Strategies to avoid pain will be outlined including practical examples and demonstrations.

Workplace assessment

Checking that desk, chair, screen, mouse etc are properly adjusted to an individual’s needs is only one part of our assessment. We also assess individual employees and any problems they are complaining of. We then create an exercise programme specific to the person’s needs to ease symptoms or prevent potential problems. We also make sure that he/she uses their equipment in an ergonomically correct way. The programme consists of selected exercises which can be integrated into a working day. Exercises can be done sitting in front of a desk or standing while waiting for photocopies or an elevator or answering the phone.

The programme will take less than 5 minutes at a time but should be repeated throughout the day. This repetition will break incorrect patterns of movement and replace them with pain easing ones. The goal is to improve and optimise each individual’s way of sitting, moving and standing at work (and also at home). Employees will be taught how to use their equipment in an ergonomic way thus avoiding repetitive strains and other injuries.

At the end of the session we provide handouts of the personal exercise programmes.

Musculo-skeletal screening

Through a series of specific tests the spine, muscles and joints are assessed for imbalances or dysfunction to prevent major problems like chronic back pain, sciatic pain and wrist pain from occurring.

The imbalance can be caused by an inadequate sitting position at work but also by leisure activities like running or playing golf where performed with the incorrect techniques.

A short report of the screening, complemented with an individually designed exercise programme and/or adjustments to the workstation will be provided for the employee.

Relaxing massages and holistic therapies

Concentration and productivity are higher when the body is relaxed and pain free. Relaxing massages and reflexology or aromatherapy treatment (just to name a few) will relieve stiffness and tension in the muscles accumulated during long hours at the workstation. This will reactivate energies; make people feel better and ready to perform their jobs.

Well-being days

We are delighted to contribute to your well-being day or help you organise an event, tailored to your company’s needs. We offer all the above services and include:

  • Gym classes with Swiss balls and other equipment, which reactivates muscles and mind in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • 15 minute physiotherapy consultation for anyone with aches and pain
  • 15 minute diet and nutrition consultation, for example for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight reduction, advices on children’s eating etc.
  • Training sessions for MBT shoes, the revolutionary rehab tool, which is a built-in fitness centre in a shoe!