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The perfect balance of fitness & relaxation

Want to get fitter, loose some weight or simply feel better in yourself, but hate the gym or never stick to a program? SWISSFIT will help you reach your goals .

Our new SWISSFIT Service

SWISSFIT is a combined tailored exercise, massage, fitness and well-being program. Our aim is to help you discover ways to reach your goals, could these be to improve your activity levels, strength & flexibility or else. With James, you will learn how to transform part of everyday movements with functional exercises, at home, or workplace as part of your daily routine. No need to leave to go to the gym if you don’t fancy it and you won’t need to set apart too much extra time. As a unique special feature, you will be able to combine a massage in the same session. You will discuss at the start of your appointment how long you want to work at the exercises and then enjoy a massage at the clinic. You can decide at the beginning of every session what you feel like.and what you would like Your fitness. Your health. Your choice.

What you get with SWISSFIT

An initial assessment to discuss your goal setting and your fitness needs will help James to set up the program for you. After that you can crack on with the active part or simply relax while enjoying a massage. Ideally we suggest 6 weekly 60 minute sessions to explore your everyday routines and how to transform some daily activities into exercises . After 30 minutes work out or longer, you will be able to enjoy a lovely massage treatment for the remaining time at each session. Expert advice supported by our tailored video exercise program will support you all the time. James will discuss your results and progress.

Who is training you with SWISSFIT

James Curtis your professional trainer in sports therapy and massage. Whether your aim is relaxation or rehabilitation, James works to ensure your needs are met to a high, professional standard.

Where to go for SWISSFIT

1 hour weekly in clinic sessions at swissphysio, currently Tuesday mornings.


Do you want to increase your fitness and strength levels but don’t currently have the extra time to visit the gym after finishing your work day? Are you looking for constructive support and feedback in improving your physical & mental wellbeing? Or you are looking to start a new healthy habit that can be incorporated into your daily routine. You would love to have your workout plus the option of relaxing and restorative massage afterwards.

We have the active solution in helping you prioritise daily fitness as opposed to just an optional add on.

What to Bring

We provide all equipment, but you may want to bring water and a towel.

How to book

Contact the clinic on 0191 2960567 for more information and to block book a 6 week program.


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Rediscover how it feels to be fitter and stronger … and do what you like doing.