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Venous insufficiency

This condition arises through a failure of the valves in the veins to prevent the backflow of blood into the veins and fluid into tissues of the legs. Initially at the start of the day legs are slim, but as the day progresses, the effects of gravity and valve failure lead to swelling, a feeling of tightness and occasionally pain.

Venous Ulcers or Thrombosis may occasionally develop.A correct medical diagnosis is required with all phlebo-oedemas to ensure that the correct treatment is obtained. Oedemas caused by arterial issues cannot under normal circumstances be treated with compression.


Compression is the order of the day with Venous Insufficiency, it compresses the veins and the valves within and helps the flow of blood and tissue fluid.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage will stimulate the lymphatic flow preventing some stasis, but it will not solve the condition. Appropriate compression garments must be used. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an effective treatment for Venous Ulcers.Where the condition has deteriorated and a more permanent oedema has formed then Manual Lymphatic Drainage is appropriate to control the oedema.

Important Note: This information does not constitute individual medical advice. Before any treatment can commence confirmation of the medical condition is required. If you are concerned that you have a medical condition you should contact your usual medical advisor or contact me for further assistance