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Acupuncture and Oncology

Acupuncture can be hugely supportive to patients with a cancer diagnosis and/or who are suffering the side effects of cancer treatment.

Of course, we do not claim to ‘treat’ cancer. However, there is lots of positive research around treating cancer patients with Acupuncture for various symptoms and side effects of treatment. Acupuncture can help by pain, nausea, hot flashes and night sweats, appetite and fatigue.

Please check the bottom of this page for links to research papers

The emotional aspect of a cancer diagnosis cannot be underestimated. Again, Traditional Acupuncture has been shown to be fantastic for anxiety, insomnia and depression.  Often, it may also be appropriate to treat carers or family members with these aspects, as a diagnosis can also have a profound impact on the people supporting the patient.

Acupuncture is safe and effective when performed by a qualified practitioner.  Needles are always sterile, single use and disposable.

We can also employ other techniques and modalities where needling is not appropriate or not wanted!  We can totally empathise with many cancer patients who have simply had enough of being poked with needles!

Moxibustion is a fantastic, non invasive treatment for all cancer patients as it supports the blood and immune system, and can be really helpful for boosting energy. 

She also uses a Low Level Laser (Cold Laser) which has huge benefits (comparable to Acupuncture and  Moxibustion) and does not pierce the skin, so is also completely safe. For example if Lymph Nodes have been removed or Lymphoedema is an issue, or if the skin or blood vessels are compromised.

In practice, Lilja also often discusses dietary recommendations and potentially teas or supplements, and often recommend and supply Medicinal Mushroom supplements, which have proven anti cancer benefits and immune modulating effects.

Here some links if you want to read more about acupuncture and research:

Acupuncture as a Therapeutic Treatment for Cancer Pain

Acupuncture for Treating Common Side Effects Associated With Breast Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Review”

“Systematic Review of Acupuncture in Cancer Care: A Synthesis of the Evidence”