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The Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic for your total wellbeing

Located in Tynemouth, just outside Newcastle upon Tyne, Swissphysio offers highly professional physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy as well as a wide variety of services.

These include rehabilitation, rehabilitation and maintenance for amputees with and without prosthetic, pre & post natal treatments, different types of massages, reflexology, reiki, and more.

Swissphysio team is here for you if you need our help because of

We are proud of the help we continue to provide to many women from the North East coast during pregnancy. We ease and adjust many of the pregnancy-related problems and helping them to regain their condition post-natal. 

Our qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Sports Injury specialists can help you attain a higher level of fitness and health than ever before.

Here in Tynemouth we love to work equally with

  • young as with elderly people
  • professional athletes and dancers
  • fitness freaks or couch potatoes
  • and anyone in between

We have extensive experience in rehabilitation after surgery and working with amputees and stroke patients.

Don’t wait in pain. Call us on 0191 296 0567 or book your appointment on line.

We also offer 15 minutes free consultations.


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  • Swissphysio are fantastic and I can't recommend them highly enough. I suffered incredible back pain for over a month, and had several visits to the GP without improvement.  A friend who'd had a similar issue resolved with their help referred me to Swissphysio. On my first visit I met Angela who was incredibly friendly and able to quickly build rapport. Having never visited a physio before, I was unsure as to what the process would look like and how effective the session would be but I was quickly put at ease. Angela carefully assessed my movement to diagnose the location and source of my pain. She worked on the area using a variety of techniques and I left Swissphysio being able to walk without pain for the first time since it first arrived. My pain came back before a follow up appointment and I requested some advice. I had a response the same day with at-home treatment advice which again, provided significant pain relief. For bespoke, empathetic and effective treatment of pain, I'd definitely recommend Swissphysio to anyone.  
  • I would like to thank Angela for literally getting me back on my feet after major surgery and owing to her perseverance I can now walk for miles without a limp. Angela is an inspiration. You turn up to an appointment hinting that you cannot do something, but after half an hour you realise that you can do the impossible after all. I am still recovering and really appreciate the help that I have had.
  • I really benefit from my time with the physiotherapist. Mentally and physically. I have a lot of tension pain as I have a deep history of anxiety. The right hip will undoubtedly get worse as we work on it before I see the benefits. I am happy and pleased with the progress so far. I really recommend Swissphysio. I feel very safe and protected in the studio.
  • Just wanted to say thanks for a great course last weekend. I really enjoyed it, although I was tired by Sunday. My background is in sports massage and physical therapy, so I was nervous that I might be lost! I loved it, and am having to resist the temptation to tape everyone! The team that I work for, they would have their teeth taped if they thought it could be done!
  • I managed to complete the Great North Run in 2 hours 46 minutes and am still alive and nearly able to walk again! Thank you so much for your care, help and support. Couldn't have done it without you (literally)!
  • I have attended Swissphysio for a number of years now, the care and treatment given to me from Angela has been excellent. As a person with multiple sclerosis, Angela has helped me so much with my back and my mobility being my worst problems, Angela is worth her weight in gold!
  • That strapping on my foot has been amazing! It helped so much I was tempted to super glue it on so it never came off! (Sarah run a marathon for Seb4Chuf)
  • I just wanted to formally say thanks for the great care you've given me. I was really anxious about having my baby due to my terrible back pain - as you know I was bedridden - and now I can't believe I'm up and about within a week. Not to mention feeling more confident about labour. I'll be back for more help in future and will be sure to shout about you to everyone that will listen!
  • Thank you for the work you've done for my back, it's really helped me progress in my Judo. If you didn't help my back I don't think I would be as good as what I am as I would always be off with injury. I always recommend you to anybody with an injury and if my back starts hurting or anything else does I would come straight to you!
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We are a highly professional physiotherapy and sports injury clinic and holistic health centre in Newcastle upon Tyne area, with a passion for excellence to ensure your total wellbeing.

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