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Orthotics rehabilitation

Walking with a stick, crutches or brace, or having your arm or back in a brace can give you pain elsewhere in the body. If you find you are still falling over your own feet, our Physiotherapists can also help.

  • Do you walk with a stick, crutches or a leg brace?
  • Do you have muscular issues in your arms or back and need to use a special support?
  • Do you still get aches and pains or find you trip or drop things?

If you do, come to swissphysio and have a chat with us, our Physiotherapists know how to get the best out of your devices and body.

Each orthotic device should be fitted to the needs of the patient, this can change over time, so the height of your crutches or the programming of your leg brace may be limiting you.

Wearing a brace can have long term impacts on your body dynamic and compensation movements can affect the rest of your body, our Physiotherapy team can help you assess and address these issues.

The physiotherapists can also provide you with advice on looking after your skin and cleaning and maintaining the device you use. Poor hygiene can lead to secondary infections and poor maintenance can lead to complications.

Finally we can address the issue of tripping and falling, how to avoid this and how to recover from a fall, how to avoid dropping objects and suitable home adjustments or tools to make your life easier.