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Shoulder and arm pain

Shoulder and arm pain: shoulder pain can be caused by problems in the joint itself but also by dysfunction in the cervical (neck) and thoracic area or in the muscles surrounding the shoulder girdle. The referred pain in the arm/hand can have a neurological but also a muscular origin. The pain can be followed by loss of strength or feeling in some part of the arm and fingers.

Physiotherapy can help first of all to find the reason for the pain. Muscular problems are often caused by overuse or wrong technique in sport or repeated strain. Besides treating the muscle the physiotherapist will check the quality of the movement and the muscular balance.

Where needed the patient will than be instructed how to stretch and strengthen the involved muscles. For neural problems, the spine and nerves will be carefully assessed and, if needed, the patient will be referred to a specialist for furthers examination such as X-rays or a scan. Manual therapy, traction and exercises are usually are of great benefit.