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Sport Physiotherapy

Acute and recurrent sports injuries can ruin a whole performance season or the hard training you did before a sport event.

Injuries can stop your career if  you are a professional athlete or dancer.Sport Physiotherapy can help you prevent and recover from sport injuries.

We love sport and dance as much as you do and we will do our best to get you back to your activities as safely and quickly as possible.

Got injured playing football or hockey and strained your groin? You love badminton or running a marathon?  Or are you preparing for the Great North Run but your Achilles’ tendon is playing up again? Or you pulled your hamstrings or your quadriceps? Are you a keen tennis player but you are limited by a tennis elbow? Are you an elite athlete or a hobby golfer?  Or you are an expert in martial arts but your shoulder is killing you? Do you like swimming? Or do you want to be ready for the rugby or the cricket season but your back pain keeps you awake? Or your love dancing contemporary or ballet, tap or jazz but your hip clicks and hurts?

Sport physiotherapy at swissphysio will help you.

Extensive experience in Sport & Fitness

Sport physiotherapy at swissphysio offers an extensive experience in the treatment of fitness, sport and dance related injuries. We are very familiar with the performance pressure on artists and athletes and the physical and psychological demands of their activities. Prompt treatment and intensive rehabilitation programs will help you recover completely from injury, maintaining a high level of fitness. We will be using gym equipment and the sandy beach of Tynemouth 

What to expect

We will assess you thoroughly, discuss with you our findings and suggest a course of treatment. This will take in consideration the demands of every individual athlete or dancer. We focus on your needs in regards to your performance goals and time in the competition season or in the regeneration phase.

Working as a team we will combine different approaches. From the most advanced physiotherapy techniques to traditional Chinese acupuncture, applications of Kinesio taping. From stretching sessions and IASTM massages or balancing classes of yoga to electrotherapy .

A big variety of massages will help keeping the muscles supple and ready to perform.

Rehab on the beach

At times we also use the beautiful beach of King Edward as a perfect ground to train. Your balance, coordination and endurance will be challenged in a fun way. We will be able to advise you about optimization of your training regime or create your own new one.

We are also very familiar with the often frustrating reoccurring sport injuries, with the treatment of chronic and therapy resistant pains and also female pelvic problems.

Our background

At swissphysio we can combine the high level of skills and professional training with personal background and experience in the sport scene. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the world of sport and performance with achievements within

  • bob sledging
  • volleyball
  • martial arts
  • athletics

We also enjoy many recreational activities like working out in the gym, tennis, skiing and Argentinian tango .

We always support and encourage prevention of injuries where possible, see BODY SCREENING

If needed we are able to refer you for private MRI scan, ultrasound scans and x-rays.

We love sport and dance as much as you do and we will do our best to get you back to your activities as safely and quickly as possible.