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Thai Stick foot massage tynemouth

Thai Stick Foot Massage

Thai Stick Foot Massage is thought to have originated with the Buddhist monks over 2000 years ago. This massage is still a popular treatment among the many travellers around Thailand seeking relief from aching joints and wanting to experience Thai culture.  

What to expect

A session of Thai Stick Foot Massage will first entail the cleansing of the feet using soothing ointments, followed by a blend of cream and oil applied to the feet and lower legs. The treatment is performed in various sequences intended to warm the muscles and aid joint mobility, and it can be quite vigorous.

Following an assessment, the foot will be gently worked out by pressing, squeezing, rolling, flicking, and stretching. The therapist will use a Thai stick to massage and apply pressure on reflex points. At the end of the treatment she will wrap feet to absorb excess oil and add to the comfort. This massage is designed to refresh the mind and energise the feet.


The benefits of a Thai Stick Foot Massage are physical and psychological:

–  It releases endorphins which relax the body and the mind 

–  Soothes nerve endings which eases stress and strain 

–  Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage reducing toxins 

–  Boosts the immune system  

– Generally revitalises and makes your feet feel light and pain free

After a Thai Stick Foot Massage you will feel both rebalanced and like you are walking on clouds!


  • Ellie is offering a Thai Stick Feet Massage Treatment in either 30 minute or  60 minute sessions 
  • Thai Leg and Feet Treatment + Cupping, a combination of cupping and Thai foot massage for a 60 minute treatment. 

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