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Massage in pregnancy

Massage in Pregnancy is a wonderful relaxing session for the expectant mother and encourages the mother to have a connection with her unborn infant during this exciting time of changes in her life.

Massage in pregnancy,  itself involves a rhythmic flow of gentle massage and some shiatsu techniques. There are also some gentle passive stretches which open out the energy channels to promote balance and a general feeling of well being.

Gentle lymphatic massage moves are performed on the legs which can also help to relieve oedema if this occurs in the later stages of pregnancy.  It has been proven beneficial for the mother to access massage in pregnancy every 3 – 4 weeks up until the birth.

During the massage in pregnancy sessions we will go through visualisation exercise and breathing awareness.  We also would discuss some beneficial exercises to do.

At a later stage, maybe a week or two before birth, we invite the birth partner to come in and show them some very simplistic massage moves which may help the mother in labour. This helps the birth partner to feel they are playing a more active role and feel part of the process.

The various positions for labour can be discussed at this stage. Being active during labour encourages promotion of the birth.   Massage in pregnancy sessions promote an active birth.

We would also offer a postnatal massage session after the 6 week check period. This is a time when mother can be very tired and often stressed which has an effect on baby. The postnatal session will help to relax mother at a time when her energy may be quite low and release tension from the body. The more relaxed the mother is, the calmer the baby will be in the long term.

Massage in pregnancy is given on the floor on a shiatsu mat or a comfortable mat.

It is a lovely hour long session, on the first appointment we will need some time to a case history.

We do not do massage in pregnancy  the 1st trimester.


£40.00 for 1 hour session.