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pregnancy related problems tynemouth

Pre & Post Natal Therapies

Pregnancy related problems:

Don’t let lower back pain or pelvic girdle pain (PGP) spoil this unique time. Let us help you do the most out of it. We will also help you regain your fitness and shape after the baby have arrived.

Here what Swissphysio can offer to expectant mothers and then to the new born babies as well to help prevent or ease pregnancy related problems. 

For all the below conditions we will first thoroughly assess you to identify the cause of the discomfort and then discuss our findings and our treatment suggestions.

This usually include gentle mobilisation of muscles and joint, active and passive exercises to improve the muscle balance and the ability of support the growing weight of the baby. We apply Kinesio tape to brace the back and pelvis and give you  a pleasant stable and supported sensation.

Acupuncture given by an experienced therapist fully trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine might complement the physiotherapy treatment as well as anti and post natal Pilates classes, pregnancy and post pregnancy massages, reflexology and reiki.

Treatments to assist:

  • lower back and neck pain due to the increasing weight you are carrying, PGP and SIJ problems because of the changes in the pelvis, heavy legs, puffy hands
  • healing and balancing the mother and baby’s energy with reiki
  • yoga and pilates classes will invigorate tired and strained muscles, relaxing, toning the core muscles
  • a variety of massages