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3rd February 2022

Properly equipped for your training: the right shoes

Get the proper training shoes

You don’t need much equipment to exercise. But there are a few points that beginners should definitely pay attention to when it comes to basic equipment. Whether in your own four walls or in the fresh air, some items of clothing absolutely have to fit.

Here some tips from Pia Wertheimer.

Is your resolution to be more active in the New Year just a distant memory? Or you are already enjoying the benefits of your effort? You may be all geared up for your chosen activity but here some tips in case you are still looking for the correct equipment.

Of course, you want to choose what to wear and use according to your taste. The choice is immense but sometime looking good is not the most important thing to consider. Sports beginners should spare no effort with the following four items because a mistake could spoil the fun, or even worse – negatively affect your health.

We are going to talk about: Training Shoes, SocksUnderwear, Bra

Your training shoes: be careful when buying online

The right training shoe must be adapted to the physical constitution and goals of its wearer.

The temptation is great to buy a sports shoe quickly online. Many models are cheaper there than in specialist shops. But the danger is relevant, especially for sports novices. Don’t choose the wrong model just because of the price tag, the colour or because a manufacturer promises fast competition times with it. A shoe bought with the help of specialised staff may be more expensive at the beginning, but it will save you money and pain if it helps you to prevent injuries. Especially if you are a beginner!

The risks

Exercising in wrong shoes can lead to health problems or injuries. For example, indoor shoes that are designed for playing sports are not suitable for long running sessions. They are designed for so-called quick starts and abrupt stops. If you run outside, however, you should lace up shoes that support the body during monotonous movement and are adequately cushioned.

Your goals

Independently if you want to train in the hall or in the fresh air, when choosing shoes, you must also consider your own personal physical requirements. Your feet are part of a system that takes into account your weight, the condition of your joints and muscles, and existing health problems. Also, personal form and sporting goals are hugely important. After all, the strain of a marathon on the musculoskeletal system is not the same as that of a 10 kilometre run, and the shoes are also stressed differently. In short: it pays off to put in more effort to find the right shoe. 

Be aware of changes

But even experienced users should take some advice now and then. Some manufacturers have been offering a certain model for more than a decade. You may think you buy the same shoe, but they have usually changed more than just its colour over the course of time. This means that a shoe that once fitted well is not necessarily the right choice for years to come. On one side the composition and thickness of the sole are subject to constant change. On the other, the body of a recreational athlete changes as well and muscle condition and coordination may not be the same after ten years. If, for example, the muscular system has become weaker over time, the minimalist cushioning that was once used is suddenly no longer sufficient.

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In the next blog we are going to talk about sport socks.

Published on: 3rd February 2022