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4th February 2022

Properly equipped for your training: Let’s talk underwear.

Wear the correct one to avoid “running a wolf”.

You don’t need much equipment to exercise. But there are a few points that beginners should definitely pay attention to when it comes to basic equipment. Whether in your own four walls or in the fresh air, some items of clothing absolutely have to fit.

Here some tips from Pia Wertheimer.

Is your resolution to be more active in the New Year just a distant memory? Or you are already enjoying the benefits of your effort? You may be all geared up for your chosen activity but here some tips in case you are still looking for the correct equipment.

Of course, you want to choose what to wear and use according to your taste. The choice is immense but sometime looking good is not the most important thing to consider. Sports beginners should spare no effort with the following four items because a mistake could spoil the fun, or even worse – negatively affect your health.

We are going to talk about: Training Shoes, SocksUnderwear, Bra

The correct underwear: why it is important.

The most expensive and sophisticated gym clothes are useless if the bottom layer isn’t right: this also applies to the underpants. The more strenuous the training, the more sweat runs in the front and back towards the hips. There are also a number of sweat glands in the pelvic and groin area that are activated during a workout. Therefore, hands off cotton underpants. They absorb sweat instead wicking it away from the skin.

Choose the correct fabric

Runners in particular should choose their underwear with care to avoid the risk of “running a wolf”.

Sweat drenched underwear is not only extremely uncomfortable, but can also have a negative effect on your health: if moisture builds up in the fabric in the intimate area, it forms a perfect breeding ground for fungal diseases and bacterial infections. 

Runners in particular should choose their underwear with care: if they don’t fit properly, there is a risk of running “a wolf”.This applies especially to women and men who sweat profusely, or those who, for example, work out on a (seated) bike or exercise bike for a long time.

The underwear: skin-tight protects against chafing

For men, the following also applies: tight is better than loose. In loose-fitting boxer shorts, athletes with particularly wide thighs can easily end up with a rash caused by the wrinkle and painful chafing between the legs. The tight-fitting underwear models protect against this – or, if necessary, an anti-chafing cream such as Vaseline.

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Published on: 4th February 2022