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4th February 2022

Properly equipped for your training: the importance of a sport bra

You don’t need much equipment to exercise. But there are a few points that beginners should definitely pay attention to when it comes to basic equipment. Whether in your own four walls or in the fresh air, some items of clothing absolutely have to fit.

Here some tips from Pia Wertheimer.

Is your resolution to be more active in the New Year just a distant memory? Or you are already enjoying the benefits of your effort? You may be all geared up for your chosen activity but here some tips in case you are still looking for the correct equipment.

Of course, you want to choose what to wear and use according to your taste. The choice is immense but sometime looking good is not the most important thing to consider. Sports beginners should spare no effort with the following four items because a mistake could spoil the fun, or even worse – negatively affect your health.

We are going to talk about: Training Shoes, SocksUnderwear, Bra

The sport bra: when support is more important than eroticism

A lot of women don’t think enough about bras when it comes to sports. But the larger the chest circumference, the more important it is to have the right model. Admittedly, some sports bra models are downright erotic killers – the manufacturers have obviously not yet managed to combine practical with sexy. This is especially true for models that ensure firm support. In this case, however, it is worth making optical compromises for the sake of health.

If the bra does not provide enough support, there is a risk of injury to the breast tissue during sport.

Why you need a sport bra

This is shown by research by Joanna Wakefield-Scurr from the University of Portsmouth. She is the leading scientist in this field and has found that for every kilometre run, a breast moves the equivalent of 84 meters. In contrast to other parts of the body that also move when you run, the female breast does not consist of muscles, but of glandular, fatty and delicate connective tissue. Without proper support during sports there is a risk of tissue injuries, breast pain or back pain. Also, there will be an increase of excessive tension in muscles that are not actually intended for this purpose but will try to take over the holding function.

Here are some more tips for bra fit.

Basically, the larger the cup size, the more support the sports bra has to offer. A supportive model can reduce breast movement by up to 75%, while a conventional lingerie only reduces it by up to 38%. It should be noted, however, that the support function is lost over time – depending on the chest circumference, the intensity of the training and the nature of the material. It is therefore worth replacing your bra as regularly as your running shoes.

If the bra does not provide enough support, there is a risk of injury to the breast tissue during sport.

Plasters help against chafed nipples

The chest is not only an issue for the female runners, but also for the male counterpart – more precisely the nipples. This kind of pain is not uncommon in men, especially during longer training sessions. The culprits are mostly ill-fitting shirts, mainly because when they are soaked with sweat, they stick to the skin and rub, or because they are too big. Large prints in the chest area can also create problems in this regard as well as cool temperatures since the nipples are then stiffer and protrude more.

Sore nipples are less common in women because they wear a bra that keeps the chafing shirt away from the skin. For men, for example, a tight-fitting first layer can help. If that’s too much for you, grab the plaster roll. It should be noted that the selected products also stick when you are sweating.

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Published on: 4th February 2022