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swollen ankles
4th July 2018

Swollen Ankles This Summer?

It’s time to celebrate now that summer has finally arrived! We’re all eagerly getting the summer clothes and shoes out of the cupboard, stocking up on sunscreen, and getting ready for our holidays. But what to do if you have swollen ankles?

Not everybody can enjoy the warmer weather without problems.

Many of us, especially women, suffer from swollen ankles and heavy legs when the temperatures rise. This is not simply frustrating just when we want to look our best; it can also be very tiring and it makes it so difficult to find some proper shoes.

Causes of swollen ankles

There are many causes for swollen ankles and legs and some of them need medical attention especially in relation to heart and pulmonary and kidney conditions or lymphedema.

Often though the swelling is related to insufficient removal of the fluid caused by insufficient activity of the ‘muscle pump’ of our legs, excessive weight, pressure in the groin area like during pregnancy, or even keeping the legs crossed at the desk.

Some tips to manage your swollen ankles

  • Put a cushion under the end of your mattress to raise your feet at night
  • Before you get up in the morning raise one leg in the air and move your foot up and down 20x. Repeat with the other side
  • Take some time to do some deep breathing. This will help to activate the abdominal lymphatic nodes and get the engine running
  • After the shower/bath dry your legs massaging them towards the core
  • Using the little finger side of your hand do some gentle scooping movements in the groin 5x then apply body lotion or simply stroke the thigh from the knee towards the groin
  • Repeat the scooping movement in the back of the knee before massaging the calf from the ankle upwards
  • Dry each toe and massage to the sole of the foot

It sounds like a lot of work but it will take you only a few minutes to do this routine.

Once you are up and moving

  • Try to do some heel raises while you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands or waiting for the metro
  • Avoid sitting for too long and when seated don’t tuck the feet behind the legs of the chair. Take time for some deep breathing: this will also help oxygenate your brain and increase your concentration
  • And last but not least: drink plenty of water! Dehydration doesn’t help with swelling, on the contrary

At Swissphysio we can give you more advice.

Ellie can get you the best start with a lovely foot massage such as her Thai stick foot massage. You will go home feeling like you are walking on clouds. So treat yourself before or after a long flight or even just to enjoy some well-deserved ‘Me time’.

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Published on: 4th July 2018