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27th October 2023

Wellness and exercise in the cold

Part 1. Warming up – James Curtis

The days draw shorter, and get a lot colder: how will this affect the routines for your exercise habits but also for work?

Warming up to exercise is always important to prepare brain and body for action and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness or excessive stress on the cardiac system. As the days get colder, warming up becomes increasingly important as the risk of injury goes up as a result.  

Also, warming up even before starting your day at the desk, can be helpful, especially if you are trying to save on the heating bills.

So, what can we do to ensure we are fully warmed up and ready for exercise?

Firstly, warming up should prepare the body and brain for action, unlike static stretching, which should be used in the cool down after the exercise.

The best way to warm up is to incorporate balance and body-weight movements that are straightforward and easy to perform. Complete these movements until your muscles feel loose, minimally fatigued and warm. Your joints should move smoothly through their full range of motion.

Some good examples of these movements are:

  • Swing one leg back and forward, like a pendulum. This activate your core, balance on the standing leg and range of motion of the swinging one
  • Lunges, you can also add a rotation of the trunk to the same side of the leading leg
  • Walking calf raises
  • Jumping jacks
  • Arm circles
  • Reaching forwards diagonally, like gentle boxing (if there is such a thing)
  • Press Ups at the wall, from the knees (or standard if you can!)
  • Imitation of moves from your training

One super easy trick for runners or other leg heavy trainees, is to do a few lengths of your stairs until your legs feel good and warm!

At the desk

  • Shoulder circles
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Neck roll
  • Trunk rotation sitting upright
  • Pelvis tilts back and forward
  • Ankles rolls
  • Press ups at the desk seated or standing

These exercises are good against stiff shoulders and neck and back pain. Ideally do them few times a day if you are going to sit for eight hours.

Just give it a go and see how you feel!

You can have your warming up plan with videos on your phone or tablet by contacting us. or call us on 0191 2960567

Or book in for a more thorough session.

Published on: 27th October 2023