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3rd January 2018

Spinal Mouse Idiag M360 Giving You a Healthy Back Score

We have recently started using an exciting new device at Swissphysio, it gives you a 3D picture of your spine and its movements immediately and directly on the screen. It also provides a comprehensive back health score to tell you how healthy your back currently is. Your back is integral to your overall wellbeing, it holds you up, keeps you stable while the limbs move and house the connections from the rest of the body to the brain.

For whom is this device for?

This is great for everyone, niggling back pain, long term issue, aches and pains in the shoulders, headache suffers, the posturally aware or anyone curious about their back.

What does this device do?

It’s a simple way of scanning the spine and looking at the movements of each segment.

Why use this device?

We can not only pin point areas of problem, but it is possible to use this information in physiotherapeutic sessions and exercise sessions to help movement. It is also possible to the rescan and directly view changes in the spine.

When and how long will this take?

We can do a back scan and give you a health back score in just a 15 min appointment.  A full analysis will take 30 mins.

Where can I book this service?

Swissphysio are one of very few centres to be able to offer this.

Published on: 3rd January 2018