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14th March 2021

Get ready for your best Swing

The greens on the courses are waiting for you. You are keen to go improve your swing and handicap. But is your body ready?

Before the winter your golf might have been suffering because of a sore shoulder, or your back was niggling or the knee twinging. You might have had enough rest now, but this doesn’t mean that you are “fixed”. You might even be more de-conditioned than few months ago.

Last minute tips

Here some last minute exercises to prepare your body for a pain free return to the golf course. You don’t want your back ending up like my poor club: just snapped.

Warming up exercises before Tee Off

General Mobility & Strengthening exercises for trunk -neck- legs – arms

Don’t forget, your muscles, tendons and bones need to re condition to be able to stand the strain of repetitive swings and hits, pushing the trolley or carrying a golf back around 18 holes. This doesn’t happen overnight. So try to alternate your games of golf with sessions of strengthening exercises. Always invest some minutes to dynamically warm up your body. This is not only to avoid strains but also to prepare the brain to do the right movement.


After a game of golf you might feel all the muscles in your body screening for some TLC.

Gentle stretches like the ones mentioned in the Golfer Warming up section can be helpful. Instead of being dynamic you will just need to keep the position for around 15 seconds and focus on your breathing.

Having a nice bath with Epsom Salts is also beneficial against aches and strains.

Alternatively you can book your massage to be sure you will be in a great shape for the next round.

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Published on: 14th March 2021