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3rd January 2018

Beware the Texter’s Thumb!

“OMG 1daful 1432. UR 2G2BT & IM ACORN LOL. 88”

Text speak is taking over the world and in its wake leaving injured individuals behind.

Up and down the country, Physios are getting visits from teenagers with the trendiest new malady, pain in the thumb labelled “BlackBerry thumb.”

Can this really be true, or are we all having a laugh behind the back of our hands?

Most mobile device users find typing and texting quicker and, at the moment, easier, with the thumb. However, the thumb is not a very dexterous digit. The thumbs role on the hand has always been more for accompanying another finger in it gripping or pinching motion.

If you think of a computer keyboard, you can see it has been carefully thought out, with common letters in easy reach places for the fingers and little involvement of the thumb.

Ultimately, that means that the strain on the thumb from overuse is a real possibility. Many people know the RSI in the shoulder and wrist and the pain that can cause, this is RSI of the thumb.

Even more unbelievable than the fact that BlackBerry thumb is a real ailment, is the fact that the term encompasses many different possible tissue injuries.

Does this mean its all over for texting?

No, a physio can help treat the injury itself and taping combined with stretching exercises, giving that thumb a well-deserved break.

We can also teach you how to use your devices in a safer manner, looking at the whole body position to avoid the onset of IPad neck strain and Kindle Lower back. As always, prevention is better than cure!

And if you think this is totally new and madness, then let me link you to this:

The 1990’s and the birth of Nintendonitis…

Miranda Asher, Rehab Engineer

Published on: 3rd January 2018