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3rd January 2018

What’s Wrong With Your Shoes?

Changing from supportive boots to more summery shoes is often everybody’s way to celebrate the end of the cold season.

However, this can mean the beginning of a stiff and painful back or achy feet and knees.

Flats/Flip- Flops might be very comfy but they don’t offer much support or shock absorption. This alone can irritate the plantar fascia and we put undue pressure on our lower joints and create more shock to the lower back.

Avoid Flats as a general shoe choice for long periods of standing or long-distance walking.

Heels/Dress Shoes are the pride of every woman but…!

Heels put pressure and force the foot to sit at a different angle than is natural and force large amounts of pressure on to small surface areas creating more strain on our back.

No wonder our feet, joints and back just burn in pain after a long day on heels.

Here some tips

  • Have a backup pair of shoes with arch support and cushion
  • Change shoes often
  • Massage the feet or roll them over a massage ball
  • Stretch your calf
  • At the end of the day roll your feet over a frozen can

Angela Petrocchi, Physiotherapist & certified international Kinesio taping instructor

Published on: 3rd January 2018