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Pain-Free DIY Part 1: Warming Up Routine

DIY: how to prepare yourself to avoid aches and pains

Warming up exercises to prepare the body for painting.

  • Clothing: avoid tight jeans or T-shirts or tight bra straps
  • Laced up or closed shoes, not slippery to protect the feet and reduce the risk of injury
  • No mobile phone in the pocket
  • Shoulder roll
  • Shoulder squeeze to the ears
  • Neck roll up and down and side to side
  • Warm-up finger, fist open-close
  • Boxing movements
  • Fingers interlocked, elbow bend and straighten
  • Trunk rotation in various positions, core engaged
  • Back extension with hand support
  • Trunk side bend
  • Ankle circling, stay steady on the opposite leg, squeeze your gluts
  • Mini squats
  • Heel raise