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3rd January 2018

Tips for Home Exercises for Stronger Ankles

Training hard to get ready for the games and the last thing we want is a sprained ankle. Here some tips of easy exercises you can integrate in your daily routine.

When you get up

Keep a massage ball or tennis ball next to the bed. Before you get up roll the sole of the foot over it to massage the muscles and wake up the circulation. This will help to improve the flexibility of the whole leg

In the bathroom

Under the shower: Once you have woken up, try to stand on one foot when washing the other. Go with your finger between your toes. This will increase the awareness of your whole foot.

Don’t forget to dry your feet AND your toes massaging the sole vigorously. Also pulling your toes longitudinally is going to help against tensions in the ankle/ calf muscles.

Getting dressed: Pick your up clothes using your toes and balancing on one foot. It helps if you squeeze a bit abdominals and bottom muscles to keep the balance.

Brushing your teeth: don’t bend over the sink. Instead, look in front of you, squeeze your core and slowly start to go on your tiptoes. Make sure than you don’t sway forward with the hips but you really press the forefoot into the floor. You should have the same pressure under all toes, from the big toe to the little one.

Once you get the balance, just walk on your tiptoes while cleaning your teeth.

If standing, try to do 10-20x calf raises. After this walk around on your heels keeping your toes and forefoot off the floor.

While applying the moisturiser cream or aftershave or when brushing the hair try to stand on one foot. If the balance is good then challenge yourself by closing your eyes. Try to stand still for at least 15 seconds.

During the day

Play with your balance standing on one foot whenever possible, like waiting for the metro, standing in a queue or in an elevator. You don’t need to be noticed, just lift one foot one inch off the ground and balance.

Don’t forget to stretch your calves after a training session but also during the day for example at the sink while washing your hands

At night

Be nice to your feet! When in bed spare 5 minute to massage the foot sole like you did in the morning. Separate your toes, pull them long.
Lie on your back, stretch the legs to the ceiling, wiggle the feet 20x up and down before you stick them under the covers.
Sleep well.

These are general tips which help prevent ankle problems but can also be used for rehabilitation if you have been injured. These exercise never have to hurt. Try to integrate them into your everyday routines.

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Wishing you all a healthy season

Published on: 3rd January 2018