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Swissphysio are fantastic and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I suffered incredible back pain for over a month, and had several visits to the GP without improvement.  A friend who’d had a similar issue resolved with their help referred me to Swissphysio.

On my first visit I met Angela who was incredibly friendly and able to quickly build rapport. Having never visited a physio before, I was unsure as to what the process would look like and how effective the session would be but I was quickly put at ease. Angela carefully assessed my movement to diagnose the location and source of my pain. She worked on the area using a variety of techniques and I left Swissphysio being able to walk without pain for the first time since it first arrived.

My pain came back before a follow up appointment and I requested some advice. I had a response the same day with at-home treatment advice which again, provided significant pain relief.

For bespoke, empathetic and effective treatment of pain, I’d definitely recommend Swissphysio to anyone.


Luke Holland BACK PAIN