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I have taken part in a series of counselling/therapy sessions with Ruby. Undertaking such a process is not easy, usually being decided upon when life is posing problems. It is also a process which necessitates a degree of emotional exposure and vulnerability. However I found Ruby to be extremely helpful. She has a calm, quiet and reassuring manner.

She listens carefully and responds with comments and questions that reveal real perception and understanding. She never questioned the validity of my feelings but always instead, acknowledged my right to feel them. She used a variety of strategies to help me to “open up”. Ruby helped me to recognise many things about myself, a lot of them long forgotten or at least side-lined.

I left each session surprised by how she had guided me into new ways of thinking about old problems. Much has been put into perspective and she has helped me to feel more positive about my own ability to deal with difficulties. Ruby was always friendly and approachable but remained highly professional at all times. I can most certainly recommend Ruby and her counselling services.

Carolyn Gascogne