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Jack Nicholson

BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)


Philosophy & Approach

Since graduating in 2012 as a Physiotherapist from Northumbria University, Jack Nicholson has gained valuable experience treating a wide range of simple and complex musculoskeletal injuries. He has worked in professional football, private clinics and with the NHS. 


Jack follows a holistic approach with a focus on empowering the individual and believes in making them engaged in change for the better. He also has a strong focus on biomechanics and returning the individual to functional movements or activities before focusing on injury prevention.  



Within professional sport, Jack worked with elite level athletes and developed his injury prevention (prehabilitation), assessment and management of sport related injuries. He also helped individuals achieve and maintain optimum physical and mental health. As head of Sports Science and Medicine, Jack helped manage and treat children from 7 up to 18 years old. He specialised in growth related injuries such as Severs and Osgood Schlatter’s, refining movement patterns and gaining the edge on an individual’s athletic potential. During his time in football, he also specialised in returning to sports rehabilitation for a variety of injuries and adapting each rehabilitation program to the individual’s needs. 



Within the NHS, Jack worked closely with the Orthopaedic team in the outpatient setting. As a result this provided invaluable experience of elective and traumatic injuries; whilst collaborating with senior orthopaedic surgeons and consultant physios specialising more in the lower limb.  



Outside of work, Jack enjoys travelling and has recently completed the 3 pass trek to Everest Base Camp, playing football and cold dips in the North Sea with his Golden Retriever Bonnie!