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Hazel Stewart

Relaxation for Living Licensed Teacher, Homeopath and Creative Arts Advisor

Hazel has been a teacher for the past 38 years and became interested in the mental health of her students a long time ago. Following her BA studies and PGCE she followed a course at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne to for an Advanced Diploma in Education following the psychological route, in particular looking at Behaviourist Models and Humanistic Psychology. For the past 14 years Hazel has been part of the management team for a service specializing in the delivery of education to young people with mental health and medical needs.

In addition to this Hazel is a qualified Homeopath who graduated from the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2008. She continues to practice with a number of private patients. During the course of her career Hazel has always been interested in more holistic approaches to health and as a homeopath has a very strong belief in the mind body connection in terms of health and dis- ease.  In the course of working extensively with young people with significant anxiety Hazel also discovered the power of creativity in supporting young people with anxiety.  To this end she trained as an Arts council Arts Award Adviser.  This has been a huge success.

Hazel will begin to offer Relaxation for Living Courses, which offer simple practical techniques, which are very effective in terms of working to combat anxiety and stress she believes “In our fast paced world it is an essential tool to maintain balance and energy and support and nurture the body.”

Hazel is passionate about hill walking and trekking and has climbed and walked extensively in Brazil and Nepal as well as Europe and of course her beloved Northumberland. She is keen on creative Arts and sings with Whitley women Choir.