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27th September 2023


First of all many thanks to all the wonderful people who joined us to celebreate SWISSPHYSIO 20th Birthday on Wednesday 20th September. It has been a fantastic party.

Here below the answers to the birthday quiz questions.

  1. How many languages are spoken at SWISSPHYSIO and what is Angela’s  mother tongue?

A         Swiss + English + Swedish + German + Slovak + Italian ?

B         Italian + Polish + Spanish + English, Hebrew?

C         English + French + Hebrew +Spanish + German + Italian?

Correct answer: C  There is no such a thing like the Swiss language. In Switzerland we speak 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. The majority of the population who lives in the North of the country speaks Swiss German (somehow the equivalent of Geordie in England). Angela comes from the South and her mother tongue is Italian. Ellie is native from Israel. Lived for few years in Granada. Ellie and Angela also speak Spanish.

2. What can a massage help with?

A         Muscle stiffness-headache- regeneration-swelling- constipation

B         Muscle strain-dandruff-swelling-bad breath

C         Headache –ingrown toe nail-fever – eczema

Correct answer: A

3. What techniques can you expect to be used in a treatment with Angela?

A         Therapeutic exercises-sport rehab-kinesio taping

B         Back & joint manipulation – dry needling – running analysis

C         Shockwave therapy – computerised back scan – IASTM

D         All the above

Correct answer: D

4. Angela’s favourite food

A         Pizza

B         Haggis

C   Cheese fondue

Correct answer: C

5.How can Kinesio Taping help you?

A   Reduce swelling-restore muscle balance-reduce nerve pain

B   Improve feeling of stability- support during pregnancy –reduce spasms

C   Help with period pain-headaches-sinus problem-Bell’s palsy

D   All the above

Correct answer: D, Angela is a certified Instructor for Kinesio taping and teaches courses.

6. Which therapist is going to ask you to stick out your tong during the session?

A   The psychotherapist Joanna Askew

B   The osteopath Hanna McDonald

C   The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapist Roberta Reeve

Correct answer: C, The TCM therapist checked the colour of the tongue during the assessment

7. Which day of the week can you book an appointment for osteopathy with Hannah McDonald?

A   Monday

B   Tuesday

C   Friday

Correct answer: B

8. Who is the afternoon desk angel at SWISSPHYSIO

A   Hannah McDonald

B   Emma Friendship-Jeyes

C   Angelina Jolie

Correct answer: B

9. Who is the more knowledgeable person at SWISSPHYSIO about restoration of oil paintings?

A   Emma Friendship-Jeyes, administration

B   James Curtis, massage therapist

C   Joanna Askew, Physiotherapist

Correct answer A

  1. 1 therapist is expecting and 1 has a 1 year old. Which male therapist has suffered from dad bod syndrome? James or Jack

Correct answer: Jack

  1. Which is James’s favourite sport activity

A   Martial arts

B   Weightlifting and gym

C   Boxing

Correct answer B

12. What skincare range is Ellie an ambassador for?

A   Weleda

B   Tropic

C   Purely home made

Correct answer B

  1. If you had a tear in your biceps femoris, what part of your body would be injured?

A   Arm

B   Leg

C   Back

Correct answer B

14.  We love a hot drink here at SwissPhysio, but what kind of coffee would you catch James drinking on a usual day?

A   Cortado

B   Flat white

C  Cappuccino

Correct answer A

  1. Which famous 3 pass track has Jack recently completed?

Correct answer Everest base camp

  1. Which therapists will massage your face as well as the rest of the body

Correct answer Ellie

  1. With whom does Angela speak Italian on the Thursday

Correct answer Roberta, who is originally from Genova

  1. What is the name of the two Psychotherapists working at Swissphysio

Correct answer Joanne Askew and Shonadh French

  1. James loves a game of chess, but how many squares are there on a chess board?

Correct answer      64

20.How many bones are in the body?

Correct answer An adult body counts on average 206-213, more in a baby.

Hope you had some fun discovering some “secrets” of Swissphysio and its wonderful team.

And the Winners are!

1st price:             Gareth Mellor Voucher for 1 hour massage

2nd price             Eva Jeyes-Friendship £20 voucher toward a treatment

3rd price              Sue Nicholson Surprise bag for your wellbeing


Published on: 27th September 2023