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3rd January 2015

Stress and Pain

Sometimes we can forget how much our minds and our bodies are connected.

We can get so busy that we don’t realize that our bodies are carrying tension for long periods that our stresses have impacted our breathing and our stomachs have felt tight for hours.

Long periods of anxiety and stress can lead to migraines, irritable bowel symptoms, pains in our muscles. Often we have lost the connection to the feelings that led to the development of symptoms.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling offers a different way of self-care, looking at emotional pain, stress and anxiety which may be behind physical discomfort and symptoms.

Here at Swissphysio, we can offer you confidential and discreet counselling within one of our warm and welcoming therapy rooms.

Ruby has counselled many clients who have been affected with IBS symptoms, difficulty sleeping, tension migraines, anxiety and panic attacks and tension pains within the body. She has worked in various ways to explore anxieties and worries which affect breathing and in turn create tension.

Sometimes you might not even be aware of these worries and Ruby will work with you to explore the build-up of stress and anxiety and look at ways to work with concerns before they manifest as physical symptoms.

Just as looking after our body is beneficial to our mind, finding ways to look after our emotional self has a positive and healing effect on our bodies.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling is for anybody who feels they are at a time in their lives where they should start looking after themselves, learning more about themselves and finding ways to feel better in themselves.

Ruby welcomes you to book an initial session in which you can ask her any questions about the therapy she offers and discuss if this therapy could be beneficial for you.

Published on: 3rd January 2015