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Baby massage

The Hands on Babies course is accredited with the Royal College of Midwives and the CTha & Embody.

Baby massage can play an integral role in providing babies with the best start in life. Swissphysio promotes a calm and relaxing environment and the therapist ensures mums that baby’s needs always come first, and they should attend to baby’s needs in class, whether this be feeding, changing or they just need a nurturing cuddle. If you are attending baby’s needs don’t worry about missing out on demonstrations as we review the previous week demonstration and you will be given handouts.

Baby’s crying is a form of communication, so the class can become lively at times.

Baby massage classes are offered to mothers, fathers and grandparents with consent of the parents. These classes promote the secure attachment bond between parent and infant, as well as offering many other great benefits. Baby massage sessions can be arranged for working parents. We also offer one to one sessions (price on application).

The four main benefits are:

Interaction – baby massage promotes bonding and secure attachment, non verbal and verbal communication and demonstrating love.

Stimuation – baby massage stimulates many of the baby’s major internal systems, i.e. the circulatory, digestive, hormonal, nervous and respiratory systems and helps to aid neurological and physical development.

Relief – research has shown that baby massage can help to relieve symptoms of gas and colic, constipation, gastrointestinal cramps, teething discomfort and excess mucus and nasal congestion.

Relaxation – baby massage promotes relaxation in both parents and babies, and can help to promote improved sleep patterns and regulation of behavioural states.

We also consider visual, engagement and disengagement cues which are a way to help parents recognise their baby’s needs.

Baby massage courses are run over 5 (if possible) weekly 1 hour sessions during which we will chat about some of the above matters as well as discuss the best possible environment to have baby massage in and the type of oil to use. We then enjoy a demonstration of baby massage, each week working on a different part of the body:

Week 1 – The legs
Week 2 – The tummy and review of the legs
Week 3 – Chest, arms and hands and review of previous weeks
Week 4 – Head and face and review of previous weeks
Week 5 – Back and review full body

At Swissphysio we ask parents to bring with them 2 small towels, baby blanket if you wish, their own baby mat if they prefer as we work on the floor, spare nappies and wipes and baby’s favourite small toy if you wish.

Please book baby massage sessions as soon as possible to accommodate numbers as we try to keep classes small.

For further information you can visit the website and also check out special offers. To book you can either email or telephone 0191  2532261 or 07515261237. We are only a call away.