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Personal training

The first personal training session will begin with a consultation to assess your requirements, agree goals and set targets.

You will be asked to fill in a health and fitness screening form. Any details given will be treated as strictly confidential. This consultation will also be an opportunity to ask any questions prior to the first training session. In your initial consultation we will look at your goals and take details, such as body measurements and fat percentage. A fitness assessment may also be completed at this point. We will only take details which you are happy with during the assessment stage. But, this is important as it gives us a base line for all future re-assessments and shows how well you are doing in attaining your goals. Support will be given if you have any barriers to training.

We work on flexibility and balance, as well as strength training during sessions. We are able to assess for  muscular dysfunction such as excessively tight muscles and underactive muscles which cause bad posture. A posture assessment will be completed during the consultation and PT sessions will be planned to meet your individual needs.

Training sessions will be fun and enjoyable. Sessions will be varied, using a range of equipment including free weights, fit balls, resistance bands, kettle bells and much more. Advice will be given on technique in order to train effectively and safely. Sessions will be progressive and reassessments will be carried out throughout the training program.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. A consultation can be arranged if you wish to discuss anything one to one.

Achieve your goals with personal training at swissphysio.