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Shiatsu originated in Japan, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine this physical therapy aims to return balance to the body. It can provide not just physical benefit but psychological, emotional and even spiritual support.

The central concept in Oriental medicine is that physical problems can be a result of obstructions in the flow of energy through Meridians.

Meridians can be best understood as pathways for the circulation of energy, which exist in everyone. Using the yin and yang concept and the 5-element theory, shiatsu aims to bring a sense of balance and harmony to the receiver.

Shiatsu can be deeply relaxing or profoundly dynamic, depending on what is required. Regular treatments can help alleviate stress and illness and maintain good health and wellbeing. Shiatsu can also be beneficial in the treatment of injury.

Techniques used include, finger and thumb pressure, elbow, knee and foot work (Barefoot Shiatsu), Rotations and stretches and comfortable pressure.


History of Shiatsu.

“Massage, along with acupuncture and herbalism, was for centuries an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, which was introduced to Japan by a Buddhist monk in the 6th century. The Japanese developed and refined many of its methods to suit their own physiology, temperament and cli­mate. In particular, they developed the manual healing and diagnostic arts, evolving special techniques of abdominal diagnosis, treatment and massage, which are used in shiatsu today.

However, the practice of massage known by the old name of anma (anmo or tuina in China) became gradually divorced from medicine and more associated with relaxation and pleasure. Certain practitioners were concerned to preserve massage and related techniques as an accepted healing art.

In the early part of the 20th century, one such practitioner, Tamai Tempaku, incorporated the newer Western sciences of anatomy and physiology and disciplines such as physiotherapy and chiropractic into several older meth­ods of treatment. Originally, he used the term shiatsu ryoho or finger pressure way of healing, then shiatsu ho or finger pressure method. Now known simply as Shiatsu, it was officially recognized as a therapy by the Japanese Government in 1964, so distinguishing it from anma and Western massage.”

Shiatsu Society.

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