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Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is a holistic light massage with the use of pure essential oils which promote a great feeling of relaxation and general well being. As well as accessing the physical and psychological side of life, aromatherapy works on a deeper level with the energy of an individual.

The Aromatherapist will take a full case history and consequently mix up a synergistic blend of up to 3 different essential oils, which relate to you as an individual. The essential oils are then mixed with a carrier oil to begin the aromatherapy massage.

The essential oils derive from plant life and have many therapeutic properties. Certain oils may have contra indications on certain individuals, this is the reason for the therapist to take a thorough case history. Some oils work on the physical side, relaxing or activating the body with the aromatherapy massage. Other essential oils can have an influence  on an emotional level.

We can use aromatherapy with massage, or burn the oils in a burner. In fact one of the quickest ways for aromatherapy to work is through the olfactory system (sense of smell) and will be combined with the aromatherapy massage.  We can also bathe in the essential oils.

Stressful situations in life can affect our body and often create tension and imbalance in the muscles, especially in the neck and lower back area. An aromatherapy massage will help to relieve symptoms and discomfort in the whole back and neck.

While releasing accumulated tensions Aromatherapy promotes a feeling of well being and helps you to achieve a balance, which often in our busy and sometimes stressful lives is difficult to maintain.