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Bike Fitting

Do you have any discomfort when you ride your bike? Neck, back, knees always seem to give you pain or just not feel quite right? There are many common problems that can be solved quite easily by working on your position and the set up of your bikes.

Jon offers an extremely successful bike fit and cleat fit service. The aim of the fitting is to find the perfect adjustment for your cycling to ensure you are safe, comfortable and efficient, whether that be riding to work or racing internationally. Everyone has their own need, everyone is unique!

What to expect

Initial discussion of your cycling history, goals and positional problems will take place prior to the fit. Jon will also look at your flexibility and posture and assess your fit holistically.

  • Off bike analysis of your flexibility, posture and leg length.
  • Knee path analysis – cleat fitting and knee path.
  • Rider on bike video analysis – looking at pedalling technique, posture, seat and handlebars positioning.
  • Bike adjustments – Jon will match the bike to suit the rider and their goals, you will never going to be forced into a position that isn’t right for you.
  • Exercise instruction – Jon will offer tips for improving your flexibility for both cycling and general mobility.
  • Pre and Post adjustment measurements taken and a full report will be provided to take away

Why you should see Jon

As a sports science student Jon studied Biomechanics and its application within the sports environment. His particular focus was bike racing and individual bike riders, so he is well placed to offer advice on your position and how you can achieve the most efficient fit on your bike.

His undergraduate dissertation focused on how a bike fit influences your economy as a bike rider, ‘The Influence of Positional Biomechanics on Gross Efficiency in Cycling’. The research created much interest, namely from Andrea Morelli at the Mapei sports facility in Varese.

Jon has presented the study at the World Congress of Cycling Science (WCCS) in Leeds (July 2014), which was well received. He is currently working toward publishing the findings from this study and he hopes to have the opportunity to further research into cycling efficiency in the future.

Individual session lasting 2/3 hours – £120

Contact us on 0191 296 0567 or 07738 586 985.