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3rd January 2017

Relaxation for Living Course

Feel Calm, Confident and in Control by attending an RFL Relaxation for Living Course.

Bring vitality back to your life. Feel calm, confident and in control. Have time for yourself again and those you love. Feel able to relax. Improve your ability to manage life challenges. RFL is for Health, Balance and Happiness.

Do you ever feel like you’re on a treadmill? Life is constantly hectic. Or perhaps you feel run down with no time for yourself, or to recover. Maybe you feel stressed or find it difficult to relax. Perhaps you worry a lot or get anxious about things. Maybe you find yourself constantly going over things in your mind, or you have difficulty sleeping. There seems to be no way to change things or you’re too tired to even try.

Contrary to many people’s perception, making small changes in everyday life can make a significant difference.

Our RFL courses help with:

  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Feeling in control
  • Relaxation
  • Work / Life balance
  • Health affected by stress
  • Managing Blood pressure
  • Headaches and muscle aches
  • Tension
  • Sleep
  • Personal or Work stress
  • Worrying
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks

So, transform your life to what you want it to be. Attend one of our short RFL courses for simple, practical and effective help.

Your Local Teacher:
Hazel Stewart

Feedback from clients

  • The RFL course has given me a new approach to managing my life. The techniques are easy to use in my everyday activities.  I was able to put them into practise immediately. In just a few weeks I felt like a different person.
  • I feel better. I have more energy and I can think clearly again.
  • I have time for myself and my family.
  • I sleep better.
  • I now smile and sing again.
  • I no longer panic about things and I am enjoying life again.

Course summary

Courses are run as 4, weekly sessions lasting around 1 hour 40 minutes to include:

  • How to ease tension and really relax.
  • Understanding your body’s response to demands and situations.
  • Practical ways to help your body respond more efficiently.
  • Bring balance to your life.
  • Dealing with worries or anxieties.
  • Practical techniques to manage life challenges.
Published on: 3rd January 2017