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10th April 2020

Quiz time: Swissphysio Easter Quiz – Part 5 – Answers

Thank you for taking part and well done to all participants. The average percentage of correct answers was 86% (4.3/5 correct answers).

Quiz #5 answers

Question 1: Which services does Swissphysio offer?

  • massage, hair extension, physiotherapy, counselling
  • physiotherapy, computerised back scan, massages, counselling
  • sports injuries, computerised back scan, cooking classes, massages

Question 2: A sports massage can…

  • Replace your training session
  • Send you to sleep
  • Release tensions and improve local blood circulation

Question 3: Which part of the body is affected in a tennis arm?

  • The whole arm
  • The outside of the wrist
  • The outside of the elbow

Medically known as lateral epicondylitis, a tennis arm is the inflammation of the origin of the muscles which extend your wrist. You can feel pain when gripping or lifting objects and during a backhand movement in racket sport.

Question 4: Which essential oil boost the immune system?*

  • Tea tree
  • Oregano
  • Lemongrass
  • All of the above

Question 5: Where is the rotator cuff found in your body?

  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Lower back

The rotator cuff is a structure around the shoulder joint created by the tendons of 4 muscles. It can be damaged by repetitive movements in the wrong position (poor technique) or in trauma. Improving posture and coordinating the movement of the shoulder blade, trunk and shoulder are the base for prevention or comprehensive healing of a rotator cuff injury.

Winner announcement

We will publish the name of the winner tomorrow. If we are going to have more people with the same end result we will draw a name from the hat.

Please let us know if you enjoyed the quiz and if you have suggestions or/and wishes for future “editions”. All feedback is welcome and appreciated at

So, watch this space tomorrow for the announcement of the winner.

Published on: 10th April 2020