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21st June 2019

Oncology Physiotherapy

To help restore the quality of life after the experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment

At Swissphysio we are passionate about our role within oncology physiotherapy treatment. We believe in providing the highest quality of care and assisting patients in areas where they may be lacking support.

Swissphysio is now able to offer treatments tailored to people who are receiving or have completed cancer treatment and are perhaps struggling to regain confidence in their own bodies or/and with the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

The aim of oncology physiotherapy is to help you to achieve your peak performance. Most important we support you step by step to get where you want to be after illness, surgery, or injury. We help you to return to normal activities, could this be work, looking after your children or in sport.

We focus on you as an individual to improve physical and emotional well-being. The aim is to empower you to regain control of your lives.

Our oncology services bridge the gap between hospital treatment and return to normal life, providing reassurance about what you can and can’t do. We help restoring control and function of your own body so that you have confidence using it in a positive way.

Our practitioners provide a variety of treatments specifically tailored to our patient’s needs, often working in conjunction with our restorative services.
We work on a 1:1 basis or in a small group .

Our team includes experienced physiotherapists, qualified acupuncturistmassage therapists and counsellors.

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Published on: 21st June 2019