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3rd January 2018

Obesity Isn’t Simple

I wrote this blog a couple of times and the reaction from just my proofreaders has made quite an impact. The magic numbers have had everyone I know reaching for a tape measure. The reason is the general advice that a waist circumference over 80cm for women or 94cm for men increases the risk of health issues.

However, I have to repeat: THIS DOES NOT DEFINE YOU AS OBESE! Also, it proves very difficult to take this measurement yourself and the simple truth about obesity is that it is not simple at all. Even a consistent definition is hard to come by, let alone a simple self-diagnosis.

If you are concerned that you fall into the obese category contact your local health provider for a proper chat.

The current stats suggest that one in every 4 adults in the UK is classifiable as obese and that one in every 3 children born this century will be obese by the age of 11.  We know this has massive health implications, but what everyone wants to know is, what can we do about it? The “Eat less, move more,” mantra often oversimplifies the whole issue. If it was this simple and easily applicable the UK diet industry would not be estimated to be worth over 2 billion pounds.

The key point will always be that everyone is different and there is no one solution that works for all, but in our little blog we would like to get you thinking about obesity and trying two techniques that may help you move forward.

1: I’m still hungry

Modern life has taught us to multitask our way through meals: chatting, watching TV or even driving. It’s common to have lost all touch with our full signals and feel hungry purely out of routine. It is worth dedicating some time to reconnecting with the feeling.

  • A: Prepare a meal or a snack.
  • B: Put it on a dish, no matter what it is and resist the urge to nibble while you are getting it ready.
  • C: Now take one bite, then put everything down be it cutlery, the rest of the bar or sandwich.
  • D: Put it back on the plate and look at the ceiling as you chew.
  • E: When chewing is over have a think about your stomach, how full does it feel?
  • F: Only then can you reach forward and have another bite. Repeat the whole process again.
  • G: If at any point you focus on your stomach and it feels different, stop! Put the food away and see how long it is till you feel hungry again.

Keep practicing this to learn what full feels like.

2: The E word

Many people loathe the thought of exercise and physical activity. Add to this fact that we can be nervous that we don’t know whether we are pushing it too far or not enough, or doing the wrong thing entirely.

There are hundreds of activity tips out there, but you have to be careful to avoid damage, group and supervised training is often the best way to make sure you are safely getting the most out of your body.

If you need, motivation, guidance or a check up on your health status, we are always here to help!

Miranda Asher, Rehab Engineer

Published on: 3rd January 2018