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7th March 2023

New Member, New Skills

James Curtis – Sports Therapist

James, our most recent addition to the team of practitioners has been studying away learning new

skills to bring to the table. Since joining SWISSPHYSIO, he has completed 2 courses to diversify and improve the quality his treatment can offer.

Therapeutic massage (Swedish)

Relaxing the body and mind is an essential part of health and wellness in today’s society. The holistic
aspect of therapeutic massage promotes a meditative state in which your mind and body can take a
much needed rest. The gentle and sweeping approach increases blood flow and movement of lymphatic
fluid, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, improving the immune system and alleviating muscle

Deep tissue massage (Swedish)

Less relaxing than its therapeutic counterpart, deep tissue massage is the application of controlled
pressure to relieve especially tight structures and remove knots from the muscles; deep tissue massage
is well suited to individuals who have manually demanding occupations or hobbies. DTM can be
performed upon request but is primarily advised by the sports therapist when there is stiffness in a
muscle or muscle group that cannot be resolved by lighter repetitive motion.


IASTM, or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, is the use of a massage ‘tool’, to give a more
accurate and precise massage to both larger and more intricate structures. With origins in Gua Sha, the
rounded blade of the stainless steel tool allows for a more efficient and direct treatment without
excessive pain or redness and bruising. IASTM is used as a staple in most of his massages to take
treatment to the next level.

Myofascial Cupping

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, this modern application of cups onto the muscle tissues promotes
healing by drawing nutrient rich blood to the affected area. The suction of the cups also lifts tissue and
alleviates tension from underlying structures, notably nerve routes, which can provide relief from
conditions such as sciatica and other neuropathies.

When can James help me?

James specialises in working with individuals with injuries, aches and pains and the need to
relax. If you find yourself with aches and pains, unresolved injuries or simply over-stressed,
consider booking with James for massage treatment.

James is available on Tuesday. To book an appointment just call us on 0191 296 0567 or book online.

Published on: 7th March 2023