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3rd January 2018

Looking After Your Prosthetic

Prosthetics are suggested to last about 6 years and just like a part of your body, your prosthetic needs regular care.

1. Read the manufactures instructions!

Don’t be surprised that your limb comes with instruction including care guides that will make them last longer.

2. Change socks daily!

Bacterial build up can wreak havoc on your stump skin, and stop you using your prosthetic.

3. Keep your eyes open for wear and tear, but don’t adjust settings yourself!

Most prosthetists have spent a lot of time putting the right settings into your device; if you are not happy, ask them to look at it again.

Playing with it yourself might give you a wobble and more sores.

4. Keep it clean!

Wipe inside and out down with a damp cloth and neutral soap, use an old toothbrush to get into tough areas, then dry gently.

5. Get a service

Every 6 months to check wear and fit.

6. Build up to full time wear.

Don’t try and wear the prosthetic immediately from dusk till dawn, start with an hour at a time, with breaks in between, and slowly increase periods of wear.

Miranda Asher, Fysiotherapeut and Rehab Engineer

Published on: 3rd January 2018