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3rd January 2018

Kinesio Tape in Experienced Hands Helped a World Icon of Argentine tango

Yesterday I went to a workshop with the World number 1 milonga dancer and teacher, known in Buenos Aires and in the tango world as Flaco Dany.

Dany is one of the most emblematic persons of the milonga in the world. At the moment he is based in London for some months and came yesterday to Newcastle to teach two fantastic workshops.

At the end of the workshops I noticed that he was limping. What should I say, once physio, always a physio… He told me that he had a menisectomy three months previously and that he was still having problems (well dancing so much with 78!!! Not bad at all).

After a quick check we agreed that I was going to treat him in the evening at the Milonga. Milonga is a ball where you only dance Argentine tango.

So after a refreshing shower and some rest after the work out of the classes, I jumped into my dance out fit and my high heels and drove to the milonga. Dany was already cruising the dance floor but dancing carefully and taking long breaks.

After a quick check of the venue I found my treatment room, the empty kitchen area of the community hall. So I invited the Tango icon, who by then was limping, to follow me in my improvised treatment room. Under the rolled up trousers I found a nice swollen knee but remarkable good movement.

So, a get my scissors and a roll of my trusted KinesioTape and after some more testing, few strips of tape well placed and with the right technique, Dany felt much better. And it just took me five minutes (backed up by some years of experience…!)

You should have seen his face when I asked him to stand up and walk around. Mouth open and a big smile! The knee didn’t hurt anymore!!! Do you know what he said? Let’s open the champagne! So, we went back to the dance floor.and as a reward for this treatment I had some of the most wonderful dances I experienced in years. And it was so much fun because this amazing 78-year-old dancing legend from Buenos Aires felt so good that he kept asking me for another dance. We both look kind of tired in the last picture…

Dany will now continue the treatment to properly rehabilitate his leg in London with a CKTP. I hope I will meet him again soon on the dance floor.

So Keeeep dancing thanks to Kinesio Tape And remember, if we. can help the works best ones we can help you as well.

Have a good week!

Angela Petrocchi
Kinesio UK

Angela Petrocchi is a CKTI for the UK and German-speaking countries with a passion for dancing the Argentine tango.

Published on: 3rd January 2018