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1st August 2018

Is Sports Massage Good for Me?

Sports massage or for the matter any kind of massage is not just for athletes.

All the muscles that keep us going are working hard, whether you are training for competition or just sitting at the desk. They just work in a different way. Intense active training sessions, prolonged time sitting at the desk or slumping with an iPad in the hand for hours can create muscle imbalances. This can cause all sorts of unpleasant aches, pains or injuries.

How does it work?

A Sports Massage gets to the deep and soft tissue layers, releasing the fine sheath, called a fascia that covers the entire muscular system. The therapist works into those muscles allowing for better function, movement and ultimately reducing the danger of injury. A fresh flow of oxygenated blood to your muscle tissue will allow for faster regeneration and will get you ready for the next activity. It also stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to “detoxify” the body from metabolites and excess of fluid.

Most people don’t recognise that they have an “over-use injury” till the pain is unbearable or the body gives out warning signs.

What the therapist then often discovers under his/her fingers as hard bumps are trigger points or scar tissue (a hardness in the muscle). Misalignment and microtrauma of the muscle fibres can affect the muscle function itself or indirectly to other areas.

Who is it for?

In a few words, a thorough sports massage is for everybody who wants to keep the body in pristine working condition. It helps to relieve pain, increase movement and flexibility, to prevent the onset of further pain and for stress relief

How often should you have a massage?

We suggest you try a series of weekly massages to see how you feel when the positive effects accumulate. You’ll be then able to decide how often you need a Sports Massage. However, it is a fact that even getting massaged once a month regularly has long-lasting positive impact.

Your decision will also depends on your level of activity/training, whether or not you have chronic pain or acute injury and other factors. For some, a weekly massage gives huge results. Others only get an occasional Sports Massage if they’re in pain.

Having regular Sports Massage is the best way to reduce the effects of hard training or repetitive movements.

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Published on: 1st August 2018