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5th March 2019

How to Reach a Better Breathing

Spring is in the air, great. Ready to spend more time outdoor and enjoy the fresh air?

But possibly you are concerned about the pollen in the air. Or maybe you are still recovering from the winter flu or other bug? Now it is important to keep your lungs happy and healthy.

The function of the lungs is to allow for the vital oxygen to enter into our bloodstream and from there to reach every single cell of your body.

Oxygen is life:

Oxygen is a form of energy for the whole body. Without the oxygen from our lungs we wouldn’t be able to think, to move, produce body heat. Shortly, without fresh oxygen supply via our lungs there would be no life for us.

Rescue by Stress and Fear:

By sudden stress and fear the frequency of our breathing increases. The lungs have then to work faster and dispense through the increased oxygen circulation the strength needed for the correct and sometimes lifesaving reactions.

Prolonged stress, anxiety and poor posture though reduce the amplitude of our breaths. This can reduce the amount of oxygen available for our body, increasing so tiredness and reduce the recovery time from exertion or illness.

Clearer thinking thanks to better breathing:

Even at rest our brain consumes 20% of the total oxygen we breathe in. So if the oxygen intake is low problems can arise, from a simple and annoying headache to life threatening stroke. A healthy and good ventilated lung provides the oxygen needed for the brain and for us to concentrate, think and work.

Here 5 simple exercises for the everyday life

Specific breathing exercises can help strengthening the breathing muscles and to increase the breathing performance. The following exercises not only will improve your lungs but also improve your physical and psychological wellness. Additionally you will immediately feel more relaxed and notice that your concentration has improved.

Try it out!

  1. Good morning freshness: to a fresh start in the day. Open the window and slowly breathe in and out. Try to expand your abdomen when breathing in. Take twice the time to breathe out than breathing in. In this way the lungs will be empty and will provide the body with fresh oxygen by breathing in.
  2. Strengthen your nerves with alternating breathing technique: gently block the right nostril with your thumb and slowly breathe in through the left side. Then close the left nostril with your index and breathe out and then breathe in through the right side. Close again the right side and breathe in –out through the left. Repeat 5x.  This alternated breathing supports and improves concentration and relaxes the nervous system.
  3. A wind of freshness at the desk: if you feel stressed at the desk sit upright in the chair with feet firmly on the floor. Lift both arms sideways while you are breathing in through the nose. Slowly breathe out through the mouth while you lower the arms. Repeat 5x.

In this way you will improve the flow of oxygen to your brain.

  • The flow of Body and Breath: Straighten out your arms sideways and take a deep breath in. Try to clasp your hands behind the back. While breathing out bend slightly forward and lift the hands away from your back at the same time. Breathe in again while releasing the hands from the back and slowly rolling back up your trunk. Your breath, body and soul are flowing together.
  • Open arms for more air: Lift your arms in front of your chest with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. The tip of the fingers are touching each other. Breathe in when moving the elbows wide back. Squeeze the shoulders together and briefly hold the tension. Breathe out while you move the elbows back to the front until the finger tips touch each other again. This exercise stretches the lungs and opens the chest.

So start your new routine today and get energized for a successful new day.

At Swissphysio we can help you improve your posture, assess your workstation for general fatigue. We can also help you if you suffer of chest infections and phlegm

Published on: 5th March 2019