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pain free gardening
14th March 2018

How to Enjoy a Pain-free Gardening Season

With the cold weather hopefully being just a memory and the days getting longer, many of us are already gearing up to dedicate ourselves to our gardens.Fresh air and physical work are good for you…but…oh boy, you can feel the strain in your bones if you are not used to being as active anymore! So is there such a thing as pain free gardening?

Gardening can be very physical and as such, you should prepare your body for it, especially if you have spent the past months indulging in long sessions on the sofa.

I bet you are familiar with the stiffness and soreness of muscles and feelings of heaviness in the lower back, neck, arms and even legs when you sit down after a day “working out” in the garden. In this case, a hot bath with Epsom Salt and a massage will help to make you feel better and get ready for another lovely day out in the fresh air.

But sometimes too much bending and lifting can also take a toll.

Working in a bent position for prolonged time can strain not only muscles, but can also put too much pressure on your back and joints.

In this case you will possibly experience a painful stiffness in the bottom of the spine, which can develop into breathtaking sharp pain and sciatic pain down the back of the leg. Or your knees are  swollen, or…or…

So here some tips to help you enjoy your hobby:

 Warm up before you start any physical activity, just a couple of simple stretches and movements will help you to avoid any bad surprises.

1) Raise your shoulders up, then down. Slowly circle your shoulders, first in one direction and then in the other.

2) Tuck the chin in and roll the head down, keep chin tucked in and look up again.

3) Gently move your ear toward your shoulder on both sides.

4) Pull the upper arm across your chest without raising the shoulder to your ear.

5) Hands behind your head, take a deep breath and stick your chest out and moving the elbows apart.

6) Hands in the small of your back, slowly lift your chest and bend backwards 3-5 times.

7) Reach up with your hands and then side bend slowly. Take a deep breath in and out and change side.

8) Stretch calves and thighs.

While gardening, stretch your back regularly, arching it back if you spend time bent over

Repeat the stretching exercises after you finish, have a warm bath or shower and avoid sitting or slouching for long periods (watch TV with a pillow supporting the small of your back) ideally go for a short walk instead.

If the back particularly hurts try slowly to arch it backwards. Try to stand or sit upright and gently move your pelvis, sticking the bum out and then rolling the tailbone in. Avoid sitting in low chairs and alternate rest with gentle movement and short walks.

Don’t forget to keep hydrated with plenty of water!

If your back muscles are in spasm or very painful and even gentle movements causes more pain you should seek medical attention by a professional.

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Published on: 14th March 2018