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12th October 2021

Diary of and injured Physio: Day 2 of the rehab

Started the day with a morning routine as Day 1 after a good night sleep.

I just swapped the isometric exercise against the wall with a plank. Why? Because it didn’t hurt and I wanted to keep my abdominals and core working the extra bit.

Walking downstairs wasn’t too painful so I started to introduce some balance exercises while taking the shower and brushing my teeth standing on one foot or/and closing my eyes  

Professional help

I also had a treatment from my colleague to check that my pelvis was well aligned and the muscles firing properly. After a few tweaks and some soft tissue treatment I felt even more positive in progressing my rehab. Even if you think that your strain is going to improve in a few days I believe it is worth it to check in with a health professional (physio –osteo or chiro) to make sure that you have the best starting position for an optimal recovery. Don’t leave it until you have a bigger problem.

One thing you need to know about healing process

There is one important thing you need to understand and remember about the healing process in our body:

We can’t speed up the healing process of a tissue but we can do our best to support it. Mostly we end up to extend it when not doing enough or doing too much at the wrong time

What’s new in day 2?

  • I made a point to exercise as much as possible with my patients. Not just showing the exercises only but actually doing them all with them. On this point apologies for all the patients who had to do so many gluts and core exercises..
  • If you want to activate the gluts before any other exercise, tie a resistance band /loop around your shoe laces . Now take a side step to build up a good tension. Tuck in your tailbone and start to move sideways with really small steps, keeping a maximal tension on the band. Take 20 steps on each side. After 15 you will feel your bum burning…that is what you want…
  • Squat at the wall. I aimed for 30 seconds but I was dying after 20. So space for improvement here.
  • Calf raises: still quite painful, so I will try tomorrow again
  • Foam rolling for thigh and calf right and a bit of the left calf

What about diet and healing process?

Well, recovering from an injury it is a bit like re building a house. If you use poor building material, you will end up with poor walls. So if you stuff yourself with junk food, you won’t help your recover from an injury.

When recovering from a sports injury, the right diet can minimize recovery time. Here some basic tips :

  • Get your proteins
  • Find your anti inflammatory properties of the Vitamin C in your vegis and fruits
  • Get nutty for Omega 3
  • Find the zinc :of zinc-rich foods include meat, fish, shellfish, and whole grains. Nuts are also a great choice.
  • For the bones you need Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Lot of fibers to prevent you overindulging if forced to rest

Want to know what I did next? Read here.

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Published on: 12th October 2021