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5th October 2021

Diary of an injured Physio Part 1

Hands up if you ever experienced the frustrating disappointment when you get injured doing what you love doing? Well, I join the queue.

When you suddenly stop in the middle of a sprint limping, or you suddenly hold your shoulder or neck, people around will usually offer their help and sympathy. If I am around, I naturally offer my professional help.

When I get injured, once established that I am not going to die on the spot, I usually hear the comment: Oh well, I know a very good physio…big smile.

So what does a physio like me do when it is my turn to be on the receiving side?

I am the kind of person who believes in “ do  as I preach”. So I decided to keep a little “Rehabilitation’s diary” about my latest injury. The intent is to give you some tips on what to do when you are in the same unfortunate situation. You will be surprised of how many little things you can try to support your healing from day one, rather the simply …rest.

Here we go:

On the injury day

I just pulled my calf 24 hours ago while on the beach playing volleyball. I was really frustrated, felt like a useless wimp letting the rest of the group down. All the sudden I felt vulnerable and …older. I realised that there were many other things which would have to wait until I get better. For example, my first indoor training, my weekly 5km jog, never mind demonstrating exercises to my patients.

I usually see my patients days or weeks after an injury. It is human nature to take a “wait and see” approach. We all hope that It will get better by itself. As a matter of fact, it often does but this approach usually leaves behind bigger scar tissue and adaptations.

l decided to give myself the best possible treatment. This means active work and discipline; I am usually very good in treating the other but then don’t find the time for myself. Yes, passive resting, and waiting is easier but not necessarily better.

So here my approach to self-treatment on the injury day.

1              Try to understand what happened.

2              Assess the damage

3              Can I continue?

4              Active rest

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Published on: 5th October 2021