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16th October 2021

Diary of an injured Physio: Tips from Day 3 of my rehab.

This strange sense of achievement, when foam rolling isn’t as painful anymore….so what are the next tips?

Happy to replicate the routine as yesterday and stretch out with some foam rolling. Thankfully this is getting less painful, good sign. I can even start to work on the base of the injured calf .

Testing the water…

I keep up with my plank and side plank and abs and through the day I started some bilateral calf raises. These are still a challenge. I definitely don’t want to force it so I just did 3×10 repetitions with enough break in between. Not sure I am ready for more yet, since the calf felt quite tight afterward. So I tried some gentle stretches after the calf raises. I also tried to walk faster on my way to work but this wasn’t such a good idea…(sharp pull in the calf). So, re-boot and slow down a bit.

Tips to let the legs to work

Instead I joined in with my patient doing exercises to activate the gluts, like the resisted crab, walking sideways with a rubber band around my feet. Also the oyster from Pilates and bridging.

I agree, this is easy for me to keep up, since it is part of my job. I can exercise with my patient. Although many people work from home nowadays, for some it can be a bit more challenging if you are based in an office with other people.

Here some “easy to fit in” exercises:

  • Squats:: push your feet into the floor, scoop the in the stomach, lean forward with the chest and slowly lift the bum off the chair and hold the position for get up from the chair 20 – 30 or more seconds. You can even keep typing while squatting . If you get funny looks from your colleagues, challenge them to do the same. You may even start a squat competition. . To start you can do shorter hold but more repetitions and then reverse to longer hold and less repetitions.Walking – upper body
  • Something for the gluts: while sitting on the office chair tie a resistance band around your thighs. Make sure you sit upright. Press with your legs against the resistance band and hold for 10 seconds for 10 x
  • Heel raises: if calf raises are still too painful here a variation. Sit at the edge of the chair. Lean over and support your upper body with the elbows on your knees. Now lift the heels off the ground as high as possible in a pain free range. Now push with your arms on the knees and very slowly return the heels on the floor. (e-centric work out) 3 x 20 or more.
  • Push up: why not use the desk as the base for some push ups. You can vary the inclination moving further away with the feet. You like the challenge? Lift one foot off the ground. Again, you can go for push ups (as many as you want) or go for a plank.
  • Challenge your balance as much as you can: stand on foot while washing your hands. Balance with one foot in line with the other and if you feel up to it, close your eyes and aim to stand still for 15 second at least. You will notice that your balance will improve if you make sure to gently squeeze your bum and belly before listing on foot. Keep your chest open like to show off your best T-shirt.

These may not be exciting tips or exercises, but are easy to do and to sneak in to your working day. The aim is not to build up a bulk of muscles but to maintain a good overall ground for the reconditioning of the injured structure(s) . Avoid mal-adaptations and support a healthy movement pattern.

Want to know what I did next? Read here.

As usual, the exercises can be adapted according to the injury.

I will be more than happy to advise you.

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Published on: 16th October 2021